SGF support

GOWriteME is (discontinued) Java MIDP2 application for game recoding, review and go problem solving.

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SGF support

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Currently supported SGF features (e=edit, v=view):
  • Variations (v,e)
    B, W Normal moves (v,e)
    PW, PB, DT, GN gameinfo for editing (v,e)
    C comment texts (v,e)
    CA, can read character sets supported by phone, saves UTF-8 (v).
    Full SGF4 Gameinfo in root node (v)
    AB, AW, AE move setup (v)
    LB, L labels (v)
    CR, TR, SQ, MA, SL, M markings (v)
    TW, TB territory marking (v)
    PL to set next to play in problem solving (v)
    WV marker for wrong variations in problem solving (v)
Next things to come "soon":
  • result editing.