Hactar Localization and Beta versions

Hactar Go is go program for Android.

For information on Hactar go, please see http://gowrite.net/hactar.
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Hactar Localization and Beta versions

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Beta version

Hactar beta testing is open to anyone whishing to test beta versions (eg versions that may have significant bugs left).

If you want to test Hactar lite beta version, please go to https://play.google.com/apps/testing/ne ... hactarLite. In order to join, you must be logged in to google account.

Localization material includes both application and Google Play pages. Hactar Go and Hactar Go Lite are 99% based on same localization texts.

Hactar localization is done at https://home.gowrite.net/localize/projects/hactar/. In order to contribute, you need to log in, either using facebook or creating an account.

Notes about localization:
  • There are multiple components,
    • Android app contains UI of the application. This is bulk of texts visible in application.
    • Android app - xyz contains introduction texts and rules. These include go rules and tactic explanations
    • Texts - description contains google play description of Hactar go.
    • Texts - play levels contains texts relating to play levers and subscriptions.
    • game server contains texts that server may use. Mainly somewhat rare error messages.
    • Release notes contains texts used in release notes. Resources are named "release_<version>_1". They are machine translated when release is done, so no need to translate.
  • Please note the name of resource being localized.
    • Start of name indicates component. Thus most strings in any single screen have common beginning in their name.
    • If name ends with _short or _condensed, it should be kept to shortest possible length; preferably less than 8 letter.
About localizing string about_hactar_localization “Hactar English localization by Lauri Paatero.”: Please change English to locale you are editing; and add your name. Also remove me, if editing something else than English or Finnish.

Two machine translation engines are integrated to weblate: https://www.deepl.com/translator and https://translate.google.com/. When translating a string, you can select "Automatic Suggestions". This offers both machine translated alternatives and other similar translations done in past. Please do not just blindly accept machine translations, they need some improvement!

If you need any help, or would benefit from new test version of any ongoing localizations, please notify me. I am really happy to help!
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