GOWrite 3.0.6

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GOWrite 3.0.6

Post by gowrite »

GOWrite 3.0.6 is development version.

It has large internal clean-ups, and offers some improvements:
  • * Good / bad move indicators are supported.
    * Move exception can include custom text.
    * Exception list formatting is improved.
    * Large number of minor bug fixes due to improvements in code base due to Hactar go.
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Re: GOWrite 3.0.6

Post by reico »

I use Linux/Unix 3.0.6 and my Java version is 1.7.0-75-b13. This version has better batch export functions and chinese ko expressions and I like it.But here are bugs:

Diagrams Edit->Advanced(Tab)->include move numbers, this option seems not work for me. I just want to get a diagram without numbers on it.

BTW, Diagrams Edit->Basic Setting->Adjust move numbers to 1~100 does not work.Exported diagrams always show numbers between 1~100.
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Re: GOWrite 3.0.6

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Re: GOWrite 3.0.6

Post by goandmath »

Latex export problem.

In sgf, the stone is at the lower left corner. but after exporting to Latex, the stone is at the upper left corner.
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