GOWrite 3.0.21

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GOWrite 3.0.21

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GOWrite 3.0.21 updates all platforms to common version.
* Improvements to LaTex output
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Re: GOWrite 3.0.21

Post by PatRidley »

Hi Lauri

I see this is billed as a development version still and not the current stable version. When do you expect it to become the stable version, please? Does it fix the problems with LaTeX output I mentioned in my post, please?

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Re: GOWrite 3.0.21

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Generally I move versions to stable only after getting some feedback the new features are working as expected.
I do not have good testing coverage for GOWrite, so there could many different kinds of problems left.

If I do not hear any feedback, I typically move version to stable after using it a while. Not very good criteria, but best available at the moment.

It should fix the issues; but I do myself use LeTex output, so testing has been quite limited.

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