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GOWrite 3.1.4

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GOWrite 3.1.4 contains new PDF export and katago integration for game analysis.
  • Katago integration. The SGF extensions used to store the data is likely to be stable.
  • 3.1.4 fixes various analysis bugs; localization is now enabled.
  • PDF export is pretty basic, but should do the thing. No options to adjust, fonts are always vectorized.
  • In Mac compiled startup script is used. This should enable permitting the access to all folders. For more details, please see https://gowrite.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1045.
  • Automatic variation creation (insert -> [x] Automatic variations). When a move is inserted in middle of a sequence of moves, a variation is automatically created. If the move is first move of an existing variation, this move is show, and no changes are made.
Notes on Katago integration:
  • Katago should be set up in General setting. GOWrite does not include katago, its configuration or network, so they should be installed separately. Katago should be at least version 1.8, preferably latest.
  • After configuring katago, do test, also in General settings dialog. This can detect multiple issues in katago configuration file leading to poor results.
  • Edit menu contains various means to launch katago analysis. Analyze all automates starting of analysis.
  • To add analysis for a not-yet analyzed continuation, just do control-left click the empty location. This will compute 1000 iterations of the move, even if it would not be included in search by default. It is also possible to select an area and add analyses relating to whole area.
Mac users: Please look at poll https://gowrite.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1047
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