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GOWrite 2.3.35

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2.3.35 is stable version.

This is quick fix for two issues with 2.3.34:
  • * Java runtime library (msvcr71.dll) was not loaded properly.
    * In ASCII export color of numbered stones were quite random.
Changes from last stable (2.3.28) are listed below.

Search improvements:
  • * Big improvement to search usability: Continuations can be searched easily from search results with single click. Limitation in initial release: please let search continue until the end before continuing to variations.
    * Selections made in search windows often were unselected, if search were still ongoing. In slow systems this made it impractical to browse results while search was still ongoing.
    * Added database content viewer for finding duplicate games. Access this using Content -button in database setup dialog.
    * Removed Details button from database setup wizard. This was not very usable, and lately it has been completely broken.
    * Board in search results is bit smaller than before. Future goal is to make board size easily adjustable.
    * Show number of found games where possible.
    * Better multithreading in multi-processor systems.
    * Remove (most of?) memory leaks in search.
    * Now database wizard requires adding at least one directory to search.
  • * Fixed bug in naming of diagram export files. Now files are created with intended names.
    * Fixed bug in reading export file name (and possibly diagram title) from file.
    * If same name is used twice as export diagram name, number is added to second (and any later) name.
Layouts and Graphics
  • * Support for multiple layout parameter sets. In this version only one be selected at a time. Future version will allow different styles for different uses and other fancy things.
    * Improved visual outlook of triangle.
    * New parameters have been added to Layout. These may help reducing work in layout work.
    * Added parameter for margins to board.
    * Added margins for whole diagram. These may help in typesetting diagrams.
    * Added shrink / grow parameter for white numbers (in past only for black).
    * Symbol line thickness is now relative to move size, not absolute.
Windows integration
  • * Support for 64bit Windows now integrated into standard windows installer. GOWrite requires 64bit java in 64bit Windows. Enabled SGF thumbnails in explorer in 64 bit windows. (32bit applications should also be able to show thumbnails.)
    * Better support for thumbnails in Windows Vista and 7 by implementing getThumbnail API
Other fixes & Updates
  • * Corrected minor bug in EPS (no know problematic effect).
    * Fixed some broken variation editing functions.
    * Updated H2 database and innosetup.
    * Added windows 7 compatibility manifest to GOWrite.exe.
    * Added shortcut key into tooltip text.
    * Improvements in large-resolution thumbnails.
    * Updates to help files (WEB help pages updated also periodically).
-- Lauri
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