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GOWrite 2.3.39

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Version 2.3.39 contains some new features, potentially requiring still more testing. Fixes / new features:
  • * It is possible to drag links to GOwrite. This is practical when WWW site does give text MIME type for SGF.
    * First version of exception combining, eg "65 at 32, 68 at 31, 70 at 32." can be shown as "65 70 at 32, 68 at 31." Ko positions can be combined as "ko at" for both colors playing ko. In Board options various options can be selected. This feature may still need some development.
    * Now GOWrite uses system proxies, if Java JRE supports them. Please note that Windows java versions 1.6.14 ... 1.6.22 have bug in this. So far proxy use applies to opening SGF based on URL and translation update sending.
    * LaTex include file name was escaped too much.
    * Updated Spain/ Mexico and Finnish translation. Thanks you for updates!
    * Now uses 76 [40] style exceptions in Japanese and Chinese locales.
Translation notes
  • * Enabled translation of UI texts in multiple places where forgotten, including (at least): "Print Wizard", "game information" dialog, "diagram property" dialog and "view settings" dialog.
    * "General options" dialog contain new "Network" -page for network proxy settings.
    * "Board Options" page "Exceptions" has new settings for combining exceptions.
- Lauri
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