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GOWrite 3.0.17

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This is first windows GOWrite version to work with Java 9 and 10. Let me know about any problems!
In Linux Java 9 or 10 should not have any issues.
Minimum Java requirement is now at least Java 7 in all platforms.

Changes in 3.0.18:
* Linux specific update:
** Extra files created at working directory
** use more portable mkfifo to create file

Changes in 3.0.17:
* Initial support for Java 9 and Java 10 (for 64 bit Windows )
* Fixed failure to open certain SGFs

Changes in 3.0.16:
* updated translation
* fixed broken game search

Changes in 3.0.15:
* Update for Chinese translation!
* H2 database version is back to non-beta version (1.3.176). Search game database must be rebuild using wizard:(

Changes in 3.0.5:
* Exceptions and diagram title can now be left aligned, right aligned or centered.
* New build system
* Lots of new dependencies
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