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GOWrite 3.2.0

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GOWrite 3.2.0 contains refreshed UI:
  • Now look and feel is FlatLaf from https://www.formdev.com/flatlaf/. This look is default, other looks can be selected from settings. I am considering dropping this setting, as I think it is unlikely that anyone would want any of the old options.
  • All icons are now Vector icons with modern look. Icons scale now with screen DPI, so they should be about same size in all screen. If you have 2 screens with different DPI, things do not work yet.
  • 3 new buttons:
    • Automatically insert variation
    • Score current position
    • Turn on/off Ai analysis
  • Settings file name is now gowrite31.cfg, and encoded with UTF-8.
  • Misc bug fixes
And internal improvements:
  • Ai analysis storage in SGF updated to more compact. Compatible with Hactar Go 3.2 version.
  • GOWrite now use only SVG icons.
  • Property files are saved with UTF-8 format.
  • GOWrite.jar contains all dependencies, making releasing much easier.
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